Just So!
© 2004-2009, Just So!™
Special Warranties:

(1) Connectables™ "DC" Clasp:  

The DC Connectables™ clasp is
warranted for life against
breakage or defects in

(2) Connectables™ Earrings:  

All Connectables™ earrings are
warranted for one year from the
date of purchase against defects
in materials or workmanship.  
Please note, Sterling silver is a
relatively soft metal and, over
time and repeated use, even the
finest Sterling ear wires and posts
may require repair.  Since we
want you to wear your
Connectables™ time and time
again, should your
Connectables™ earrings ever
need repair, we are delighted to
repair them for you for a very
modest fee (plus shipping and
handling).  Simply return your
items to us in secure packaging
and include your contact
information (name, address,
telephone number(s) and e-mail

(3) The Connectables™ Sterling

The Connectables™ Classic
Sterling watch carries a special
one-year manufacturer's
General Warranty:

All items that are not otherwise
covered by a special warranty
are warranted for six months
against defects in materials and
workmanship.  Even if you have
owned your
Just So! item for a
long time or it has been
inadvertently damaged, we want
you to continue to enjoy your
item.  Please send it (securely
packaged) to our studio with
your return address and current
contact information attached; we
will endeavor to repair it at a
very modest cost so that you can
resume wearing and enjoying it
as soon as possible.

For all warranty and replacement
matters, the cost of shipping the
item, insured, to
Just So! is the responsibility of
the customer.
Natural Variations:

Due to the use of fine, natural,
and hand-crafted materials, slight
variations may occur from piece
to piece.  Our natural gemstones
often display minor inclusions
and slight imperfects due to their
hand-faceting.  Our handmade
Sterling and gold designs will also
show signs of handcrafting and
blemishes from the nicks and
wear on the original wax seals
from which many of our designs
are taken.  These inherent
variations are considered part of
the valued history of the pieces,
of the natural properties of the
materials, and of the handcrafting
process and do not represent
Just So! endeavors to
consistently maintain the same
overall look, material selection
and quality of every item
displayed, so that the item you
receive is every bit as beautiful as
its photograph, even though its
color or slight natural inclusions
may vary according to that stone’
s natural properties.  Unless
otherwise indicated, all items are
handmade in the USA with
domestic and imported materials.