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It is important to us that your order is impeccable in every way.  To assure that you will
be absolutely delighted with the finished design, we have a few simple recommendations
for assuring a perfect match at the outset.    For a small, refundable design fee (usually
$25) we will be delighted to send you samples of up to five loose pearls or small
gemstones from our standard
Design-Your-Own options.  For faceted briolettes or other
more costly individual stones, we recommend purchasing a single “Out of the Box” item
with your stone choice. (Another good option is to purchase a simple mini
TreasureDrop™ pendant with that same gemstone).  In either case, simply return the
samples or items within 15 days for a full refund or a credit toward your purchase or
custom order.  For assistance with samples or a sample order item, please e-mail us at
info@justso.us or telephone us at (810) 225-7440.

Custom Designs
At Just So!, we love to help you create a design that is uniquely your own.  Please
contact us at info@justso.us or call us at (810) 225-7440 and let us know what
options you would like to see.  Typically, we will be able to create an image
or layout a design for you and provide an image by e-mail or post it on our blog,  
Couture [Link].

Suggestions / Recommendations
It is no coincidence that so many of our customers of Just So! arrive with garment bags
under their arms, seeking the style advice of one of our talented designers as they choose
the perfect  jewelry.  We routinely design jewelry specifically to complement a customer’
s personal style or her specific dress or garments.  Even if you are located far from
Brighton, MI, we can assist “virtually.”  Please provide a color photo of  (or link to) your
garment or design idea.  E-mail to info@justso.us.   We may suggest ensembles from
existing designs from
Just So! or we might be inspired to  suggest a design that is
completely unique.  Typically, we will be able to e-mail suggestions to you or lay out a
design idea and then post it on our blog,
Just So! Couture [Link].  There is no fee for
this service.  It is one of the ways we bring the “Just So! Experience” to our out-of-town
customers.  It’s also our privilege.  Our customers often inspire us to create new designs
that often develop into entirely new lines.

Custom Orders are Non-Returnable  
Please note: custom and personalized orders must be pre-paid at the time they are
placed, and all sales of custom and personalized items are final.  

In the event of any manufacturing or other error on the part of Just So!, we will repair or
replace the items promptly.  

It is our mission at
Just So! to delight and inspire you with wonderful custom designs that
you can order with the utmost confidence.  If you are considering a custom item, we
encourage you to take advantage of our virtual design capability, our sample policy and
our policy of returns on standard
Out-of-the-Box items.  These allow you to acquaint
yourself thoroughly with our beautiful materials, products and packaging in advance of
placing your custom order.  We enjoy working with you throughout the design process to
make sure that, when you place your custom order with
Just So!, you will be confident
and excited at the outset about receiving your beautiful personalized design.

Engraving - Monogram

Please note that engraving will add approximately up to one week to the process of your
order, so please plan accordingly.  Initials will be engraved in the order you specify.  
(Ex:  Mary Jane Doe's initials would be engraved:  MJD.)  Custom monogramming (with
the Last Name in the middle position in larger font) is available by custom order.
Additional set up charges will apply.  Please inquire at info@justso.us (or telephone us) if
you have a special engraving or monogramming request and we will respond to you

The font choices are Script and Block.  

This is an example of Script:                               

This is an example of Block:


A three letter message or monogram will fit nicely on the back of our
Victorian*Charm™ and Insignia pendants and charms.  Although space is obviously
limited, it is often possible to engrave dates and brief messages in a smaller font.  (For
any messages longer than 3 letters, we recommend Block font.)   Please feel free to call
us at (810) 225-7440 or e-mail us at info@justso.us with your engraving questions.  We
will get back with you promptly and be delighted to help assist with your perfect
Custom Orders
Samples - Custom Designs - Suggestions / Recommendations
- Non-Returnable - Engraving - Monogram