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Garnet (Alternate: Rose Quartz)
Amethyst (Alternate: Onyx)
Diamond (Alternates: White Quartz/Rock Crystal and White Topaz)
Emerald (Alternate:  Green Chrysoprase and Green Topaz)
Pearl & Alexandrite
Ruby (Alternate: Carnelian)
Sapphire (Alternates: Lapis and Kyanite)
Opal or Tourmaline
Citrine or Golden Topaz
Blue Zircon or Turquoise (Alternate: Blue Topaz)
Birthstones & Gemstones
Amethyst - The February birthstone.  Amethyst’s color varies from light lavender to
deep purple.  Amethyst, a form of quartz, is said to bring tranquility, calmness, clarity,
and inspired dreams.  Amethyst is also associated with good fortune.

Apatite - This beautiful gem exhibits elegant shades of iridescent, pool blue and a leafy
green.  A rare form of deep useful mineral, often used in toothpaste and cleaning
products.  Purple apatite is found in Mount Apatite in Maine.   Apatite gems often
remind gem collectors of exotic shades of topaz and tourmaline, but this gemmy robin's
egg blue gemstone is situated in a sophisticated class of its own.  It is not only a favorite
color for weddings but looks absolutely stunning in combination with earthy turquoise
and smoky quartz GemStrands™ for a sparkling but casual "southwest" look.

Aquamarine - Usually a pale, watery blue shade that brings to mind the sea and sky.  
Aquamarine is associated with trust and harmonious relationships.

Black Garnet – A glossy, lustrous black gem also known as “Melanite.”   Black garnet
is an extremely attractive black gemstone, with noticeably glossier surface than onyx,
the more well-known black gemstone.  Black garnet has been used in jewelry for
centuries and is beginning to enjoy a well-deserved resurgence in popularity as a

Blue Topaz - A birthstone for December.  It is said that blue topaz not only has the
power to call to mind the brilliance and beauty of a clear blue sky, but the ancient
Greeks believed it to have the power to make the wearer invisible. Today, it remains a
prized symbol of strength.

Carnelian  -  An alternate birthstone for July, carnelian is a red to orange semi-opaque
stone that can be the centerpiece of stunning jewelry.  At Just So!, we find the bright
orange carnelians to be particularly chic and fascinating.  Carnelian is said to to enhance
hope, provide comfort and create good luck.

Chalcedony – Probably best known for the mysterious milky blue shade for which is it
prized, chalcedonies arise in a number of colors.  Chalcedony has been used for creating
cameos since ancient times and was regarded as sacred by Native Americans.   It is
associated with vitality and healing.  

Chrysoprase - In its vivid, semi-opaque tropical green shade, Chrysoprase is an
alternate birthstone for
May.  Chrysoprase is considered to be one of the most valuable
stones in the chalcedony family.  It is associated with healing and with protection from
negative energy and emotions.  Lemon Chrysoprase is a creamy ivory stone with an
interesting brown-black matrix, giving it the appearance of an earthy off-white

Citrine - The November birthstone and said to bring happiness and good fortune.  
Forms of quartz, citrines are characterized by their rich, sunny golden, yellow shades.  
Citrines are associated with strength, wisdom and courage.  

Diamond April's birthstone, this most-famous of gems is admired for its brilliance
and its reputation as the most popular of all precious gems for engagement and wedding
rings.  Diamonds are prized not only for their value and beauty but as enduring symbols
of eternity and love.

Emerald  - The birthstone for May and best known for its wonderful rich shade of true
green.  Emeralds are associated with rebirth, fertility and Spring.

Garnet -The January birthstone symbolizing protection, faith and truth.  Its name is
believed to derive from the Latin word for pomegranate.  Garnet is most commonly
seen in rich, warm berry and wine-red tones, but it comes as a surprise to many that
garnets occur in an enormous range of color, not only pink and orange shades but even
clear, black, green and blue.  Garnets have been valued as gemstones since the Bronze

Iolite – Nicknamed “water sapphire” in eras past, iolite’s name derives from the Latin
word for violet but exhibits a rich inky blue that is reminiscent of good blue sapphire.
Viking explorers used iolite to create lenses that assisted them in navigating their way
safely to the New World and back.

Jasper – The name “jasper” is derived from the Greek term for “spotted stone.”  These
beautiful earthy stones are related to chalcedony and quartz and exhibit wonderful
varieties of color and internal texture.  They are usually opaque but sometimes have an
especially attractive “glassy” appearance, as if a miniature painting is under glass.  One
of our favorites, Picture Jasper, appears to show desert landscapes in sandy to black-
brown patterns.  Ocean Jasper often exhibits green patterns reminiscent of the ocean
floor.  Blood Jasper is a rich red.  Dalmatian Jasper lives up to its name with black and
cream white patterns.

Kyanite – Derived from the Greek word for “blue”.  This blue gemstone often takes on
the appearance of blue sapphire, with interesting internal streaks of deeper and lighter
color.  For a sapphire-look, Kyanite is a wonderful option for affordable, casual jewelry
with an upscale, Bohemian flair.

Lapis – A September birthstone known for its rich shade of deep blue, often flecked
with golden pyrite.  “Denim lapis” is associated with a paler blue, reminiscent of well-
washed jeans.  Lapis is associated with intuition and understanding and is said to
encourage truth and harmony in relationships.  

Onyx – It has been prized for ages for the subtle dignity and grace it adds to jewelry
designs.  Onyx is said to sharpen the sense, promote self-confidence and to have to the
power to protect against negativity.  Onyx is a form of quartz recognized in its black
form but it is often found in banded rings of color, especially with rings of white and

Opal – The October birthstone, opals are known for the fascinating and colorful,
iridescent “flames” which appear under their surface.  Opals are said to have healing
power and they symbolize purity, hope and health.    

Pearl – The June birthstone is not “mined” but formed within oysters and mollusks.  
Said to be the oldest known gemstone, it is no wonder that pearls epitomize “the”
ultimate in classic good taste.  Throughout history pearls have been symbols of prestige
as well as the subject of many a legend, the most charming of which is the notion that
pearls were formed as angels passed through clouds in the heavens.  Pearls provide an
impeccable accent for everything from black tie affairs to the simplest white shirt.  The
elegance and simplicity of pearls convey a timeless message of love, friendship and

Peridot - A deep apple or leaf green stone and the birthstone for August.  Peridot is
said to signify good cheer, good fortune and emotional understanding.  Peridot is also
valued as a good omen for love and happy marriages.

Quartz - Often called “quartz crystal,” beautiful clear quartz gemstones were named
after “ice” by the ancient Greeks.   Think of a collection of your favorite flavors, and
the “ice” analogy works nicely.  While quartz is very common, beautifully colored or
crystal clear, jewelry-quality quartz gemstones and briolettes (including citrines and
amethyst) are time-honored materials with up-to-the minute design potential.  

Rose Quartz  - Usually a pastel, semi-opaque rose pink color.  It symbolizes balance,
beauty, romance and self-esteem.

Smoky Quartz – One of the most versatile gemstones for “everyday” jewelry with
sophistication and sparkle.  Smoky quartz is a wonderful accent for fine gold and casual
Sterling.  It is the national stone of Scotland and was regarded as sacred by the Druids.

White Quartz – Also known as “rock crystal,” it is a beautiful crystal clear gemstone.  
White quartz is associated with lifting the spirits and being inspired by the joy of life.

Rock Crystal – also known as White Quartz (see above).

Ruby – The July birthstone, rubies are known for their alluring shade of red and for
values, per carat, which can exceed that of diamonds.  A precious gem, ruby is a
wonderful alternative to diamonds for engagement rings.  Given their color and value, it
is not surprising that rubies are associated with love, passion, power and joie de vivre.

Sapphire – The September birthstone is a usually thought of for its famous deep blue
color, but sapphires may be clear, orange, yellow, pink and even green.  (“Red
sapphires” are actually rubies.)  Sapphire’s magical blue is both a traditional symbol of
elegance and a thoroughly modern choice for engagement rings.  Sapphire is said to
bring enlightenment, inner peace and even clairvoyance.

Topaz – Available in beautiful shades ranging from clear to golden, to wonderful blues,
greens and pinks, topaz is associated with uplifting the spirit & intellect and overcoming
fears.  It is also associated with fertility.

Blue Topaz - is one of the best known and most beloved forms of topaz and the
December birthstone.  Blue topaz is discussed in a separate entry (above).  

Green Topaz - is a treated form of topaz that bears a remarkable resemblance to the
finest emerald.  

Pink Topaz - is another treated form of topaz that provides the perfect true pink often
associated with pink sapphire or pink tourmaline.  A gorgeous pink stone that is fast
becoming a favorite of Just So! Enthusiasts

White topaz – a clear, colorless topaz that is not only an alternate for the April
birthstone (diamond) but is affordable enough to create beautiful, show stopping rings,
pendants and earrings.

Tourmaline – Lucky for those born in October, tourmalines are available in virtually
every color, many of them similar to the finest emeralds, the most beautiful pink
sapphires and many interesting mid-shades of yellow, brandy, wine, black and even
blue.  Given their amazing variety of colors, it is almost natural that Greek legend
associates tourmalines with the notion of a rainbow “set in stone”.  Tourmaline is a
talisman for creativity and inspiration; it is the stone for artists, writers and creative

Turquoise - A December birthstone and prized for centuries by cultures the world
over.  From ancient Egypt, to the early Native Americans, to the present time, turquoise
has been associated with good luck and protection from evil.  Then as now, turquoise is
esteemed for its perfect sky blue tones as well as its earthy matrix.
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