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ou are cordially invited to world where designing the perfect personalized jewelry
is elegantly simple and genuinely fun.  Opening a thoughtfully packaged, black
pin-striped box from
Just So! is always an experience that both delights and
inspires.  We hear the words “adorable,” “beautiful,” and “lovely” a lot…and it
does our hearts good!

Experience the pleasure of giving and collecting handmade jewelry that conveys
special meaning with charm and grace.  

All of our jewelry has a story to cherish:
is all about Celebrating Life's Best Moments with beautiful
handmade jewelry that's always, "Impeccable by Design™"
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The Hummingbird Legend

According to legend, day breaks when the
hummingbird pulls a vine across the sky, sunlight
rising behind it.  Bringing beauty and creativity to
everyday life is at the heart of the
Just So! philosophy.
The hummingbird and ivy inspire us to bring about a
"brand new day."
We are devoted to providing a remarkable experience.  From the purchase to the
package, our mission is reflected in our name, “
Just So!

Warmest regards,

Denise Couling & the
Just So! Staff
•       Victorian*Charms™ were inspired by my passion for collecting vintage
European wax letter seals.  We’ve given new life to these “antiques with
attitude.”  The wax seal motifs range from sweet to “salty,” but their
sometimes 200-year-old messages ring  are as current now as they were
then.  Hip and historic – we love to share these treasures with you!

Tiny Island Studios™ jewelry celebrates the beauty of natural gemstones
 with refreshing simplicity.  

•        Finally, the patented
Connectables™ system began as the jewelry design
 system I had always wanted for myself – versatile pieces with wonderful
 natural elements that I could mix and match as easily as I changed clothes.  
We are grateful to have received the following awards and honors:

    *  "Best in Michigan Business," Corp! Magazine (2009)
    *  Microsoft Business Breakthrough Challenge - Grand Prize(2008)
    *  U.S. Patent for Connectables Clasp System (2007)
    *   "Top 5" Emerging U.S. Bridge Jewelry Design Firm (2006)